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"JIANSHU Jianshu" is a high-end brand of the whole house smart home industry. Founded by Shenzhen Jinan Technology Co., Ltd., it was established in 2011. It is a national high-tech focusing on the development, production and sales of whole house smart home systems. The company, with international advanced technology as the standard, has a complete set of smart home security system solutions, a comprehensive sales network and a high-quality after-sales service system. It has independently developed a full range of smart home products, including smart home control systems, anti-theft alarm systems, and smart fingerprints. Lock, and smart hotel management system, smart office five systems, its brand "JIANSHU Jianshu" focuses on the Internet of Things ...

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Jianshu Small Slide Smart Lock GS-S006

S006 is an exquisite and simple slider intelligent ...

Jane Shu Fingerprint Lock GS-S007

S007 is an exquisite high-end smart fingerprint ...

Jane Shu Automatic Fingerprint Lock GS-S008

S008 is a high-end atmosphere full ...

Jianshu face recognition smart lock GS-S7

S7 is a high-end atmospheric face recognition intelligence ...

Jane Shu slide smart fingerprint lock S005

S005 is an exquisite high-end slider ...

Jianshu Smart Fingerprint Lock S001

S001 is a simple and stylish, suitable for all ...

Jianshu Smart Fingerprint Lock S002

S002 is a noble and elegant, suitable for all ...

Jianshu Smart Door Lock F01

F01 is a beautiful and high-end smart fingerprint lock ...

LoRa smart community landing solution

The Jianshu Smart Community is wirelessly transmitted by LoRa ...

Mobile APP + fingerprint lock complete solution

"Internet + Fingerprint Lock" is not only for fingerprint lock ...

Intelligent landing solution for small hotels

The small hotel intelligent service management system is ...

wifi smart cat eye + fingerprint lock

Jane Shu WiFi Smart Cat Eye + Fingerprint Lock is a set ...

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